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    ABCloudZ is starting a free internship program for future Java Developers in Kharkiv. So, in just 4 months you will become a true Java specialist. The ABCloudZ internship program is the best way to start your IT career. We have a close to 100 percent conversion rate for trainees. This means almost all students who complete the internship, get the offer to join ABCloudZ for a full-time job. You can count on an individual approach and flexible hours.

    The internship implies independent work under the supervision of an experienced mentor and is focused on the implementation of practical assignments. Participants will receive tasks by the increasing technology complexity and, in the end, the final project, which will contain everything learned before.

    Don’t miss a hot chance to gain the wisdom of specialists with long-standing expertise and hundreds of gigantic projects under their belt. Test yourself on the field of great projects and amazing opportunities in ABCloudZ!

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ABCloudZ is an international company providing a full range of information technology services. The main areas are database migration, application development, cloud services, big data management, data analysis and visualization, data warehouse optimization. Now, our team consists of more than 250 high-class technical specialists and experts.

ABCloudZ is a great place for professional growth and IT career development. We have a lot of cool partners and clients, in particular, these are Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Getty Images and McDonald’s. So, we have many interesting projects with world famous companies. In ABCloudZ, you can work with technologies you like. Here you can gain knowledge and experience on real projects.


Talented mentor in charge

Rustam Ramazanov
.NET Development Team Lead

Rustam’s already been part of our team for 10 years. He played a key role in developing and updating the company’s core migration products. He has broad expertise in different fields working with different technologies. For this and the desire to share his knowledge, Rustam was tacitly called the guru for beginners.

As a Java internship program mentor, Rustam will share his experience in creating solutions for leading IT companies and enterprise-level service providers. As part of the course, you will learn how to implement best development practices and get acquainted with the requirements necessary to work on multi-level projects.

8 steps to success


Create your CV

Your IT career starts at this very point. Regardless, whether you have hands-on experience with programming or just studied it at the University, be sure to share your skills in the CV.


Apply for internship

Send in your CV to ABCloudZ. Our recruiting managers carefully look through the submitted CVs every day. They will contact you shortly and invite for a job interview with your mentor.


Meet your mentor

For every internship program, we at ABCloudZ have a very special mentor. At the initial job interview, you will prove your skills and talk about the internship program details directly with your mentor.


Join the Students team

Then you start the internship program. You join the team of other students, who are studying hard here at ABCloudZ. We provide you with powerful work equipment, free snacks, hot drinks, and challenging tasks.


Complete your first project

Grow your skills by developing your very first project in the pre-production environment. You may fail once or even twice at this point. However, failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.


Challenge yourself!

Try to exceed yourself and break free from the studenthood. We know this is a difficult but at the same time a very important step. We’ve all gone through this and we will be happy to support your career development.


Get the job offer

Job offer is an expected and logical continuation of the ABCloudZ internship program. Currently, you are ready to work on commercial-grade projects. And we are ready to welcome you to the massive ABCloudZ family.


Work on a commercial project

Start your very first production project and deliver it to perfection. Grow your career in a major international IT company and work with top-tier customers.

Internship program details

As mentioned above, during these four months you will be able to consolidate the basic knowledge of Java technology and gain new skills with the help of our stellar expert. A vibrant journey through the branches of Java development awaits you, so be prepared for:

— a large amount of new useful technical information

— adaptation to corporate requirements

— using your skills in practice

— independent work and responsibility for a personal project

But most importantly, remember that you should never give up!

You can do it!

ABCloudZ is looking for a Java Trainee with basic programming background or excellent mathematical skills. Apply for the ABCloudZ internship program to start your career in a major international IT company.

The experience and qualifications we expect you to have when applying for a Java Trainee position:

  • 01

    Willingness to learn and thirst for knowledge.

  • 02

    Basic understanding of Java Core.

  • 03

    Good understanding of OOP.

  • 04

    Familiarity with data types.

  • 05

    Basic understanding of Java Collections.

  • 06

    Acquaintance with JavaFX.

  • 07

    At least the Intermediate level of English.

Additional requirements

Also, your skills with the following will definitely be a big plus:

  • 01

    Knowledge of Java Virtual Machine.
  • 02

    Understanding of serialization.
  • 03

    Familiarity with Java Database Connectivity.
  • 04

    Experience with multithreading.

What we offer

The ABCloudZ Java internship program is carried out over a four-month period. You will enjoy an individual approach from your mentor and flexible hours.

After this, you will create your very first commercial-grade application. So, then you will be ready to pass the final interview with our technical leads.

The ABCloudZ internship program has a close to 100 percent conversion rate. Our experienced mentors help start an IT career to almost all students. And then you will get the offer to join ABCloudZ for a full-time job.


  • Friendly teams, experienced colleagues.

  • Powerful work equipment.

  • Individual schedule, flexible hours.

  • Modern technologies stack.

  • Free snacks and hot drinks.

  • Great opportunities for career growth.

  • Modern office in the city center of Kharkiv.

  • Challenge yourself!

Dreams come true

Natalia Lazarenko
Java Developer

Apply for the internship program

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